A Free Outlook Add-in for Highrise

Have the functionality of Microsoft Office Outlook combined with Highrise. Add and view notes & tags. Assign tasks and emails to Highrise Contacts, Deals, Cases and Companies. All without leaving Microsoft Office Outlook

Download version 1.1.1

NOTE: SyncAce requires MS SQL CE to run. Download it here

Synchronize MS Outlook and Highrise

When other users make changes to Highrise data, add notes or tags SyncAce will automatically update your contact data in Microsoft Office Outlook with the built-in synchronization feature.

Edit and add contacts to Highrise from Outlook

Edit existing and add new contacts to Highrise. You can easily update contact data in Microsoft Office Outlook and save it to Highrise.

Attach E-mails directly from Outlook

Attach e-mails to contacts, cases or deals directly from Microsoft Office Outlook. No need to manually forward e-mails to your Highrise dropbox.

View Cases, Deals & Companies in MS Outlook

See information(incl. notes, tasks and e-mails) about your Highrise cases, deals and companies without leaving Microsoft Office Outlook.

Add notes and tags

Add notes and tags to your Highrise contacts from within Microsoft Office Outlook.